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Training continues in Vietnam with great success, the trainees are gaining invaluable information and new skills that enable them to work within the industry at a high standard.
Picture 1: FSO trainer Pat Bohan points out some of the Cutting Lines used in Meat Cut Descriptions to Boning Room trainees at Vissan Training Abattoir.
Picture 2: FSO Trainer Wesley Herrod discussing various aspects of Meat packaging with Trainees
Picture 3: Local Trainer Mr Phung demonstrating the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment to trainees at Thanh Nhan Training Abattoir.
Picture 4: Supervisor and Trainer, Mr discussing day’s proceedings with two of his fellow Trainees at Minh Chan Training Abattoir.
Picture 5: Trainees at Vissan Training Abattoirs practising how to remove meat from the bone in a professional manner.
Picture 6: Vietnamese trainer points out areas that need further attention to a trainee at Thanh Chan Training Abattoirs
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