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MSL30118 Certificate III in Laboratory Skills

About the Qualification

The Certificate III in Laboratory Skills offers entry-level technical training in laboratory skills across a range of industries.

Occupational outcomes targeted by this qualification include laboratory assistants, field assistants, instrument operators and similar personnel.

Laboratory assistants perform straightforward sampling and testing.  They follow set procedures and recipes, and apply well developed technical skills and basic scientific knowledge.  The majority of their work involves a predictable flow of parallel or similar tasks within one scientific discipline.  They generally work inside the laboratory, but may also perform technical tasks outside of the laboratory.  They may also perform a range of laboratory maintenance and office tasks.  The majority of their work involves a predictable flow of parallel or similar tasks within one scientific discipline.  They:

  • perform straightforward technical tasks to prepare and test samples using relevant procedures, Australian Standards and readily available advice. These tasks generally require close attention to detail and to the accuracy and precision of measurements. They may require the use of manual or semi-automated techniques
  • operate test equipment and instruments and make limited adjustments to their controls
  • process and record data and recognise trends and out of control conditions
  • solve predictable problems using clear information or known solutions, where alternatives exist, they are limited and apparent
  • work under close and regular supervision, although they may have autonomy for specific tasks and responsibility for their own outputs
  • take decisions within defined limits of responsibility
  • work as part of a team.

Careers in Laboratory

The Certificate III in Laboratory Skills prepares you for roles such as:

  • „  Dairy Food Laboratory Assistant,
  • „  Food Laboratory Assistant,
  • „  School Laboratory Assistant,
  • „  Technical Assistant (Construction Materials)
  • „  Water Testing Laboratory Assistant

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Qualifications with specialisations

Please note  –  All qualifications are able to be customised since particular combinations of elective units can be selected to suit individual candidate needs and the industry sector, and in some cases prerequisite units may need to be completed.  For more advice contact  FS Alliance or go to :  https://training.gov.au/Search