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MSL40118 Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques

About the Qualification

The Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques offers technical training in laboratory techniques across a wide range of industries.  Occupational outcomes targeted by this qualification include technical assistants, technicians, instrument operators and similar personnel.

Technical assistants undertake a wide range of sampling and testing that require the application of a broad range of technical skills and some scientific knowledge.  Although technical assistants generally work in a laboratory, they often work closely with other personnel throughout the workplace, and with suppliers.  The work of technical assistants involves similar tasks within one scientific discipline with occasional peak periods and some interruptions.  They may assist other personnel to solve technical problems and to adjust formulations and production mixes.  They may also train them to collect samples and conduct basic tests reliably.  They:

  • work according to established procedures in a structured environment
  • collect and prepare samples
  • conduct a wide range of basic tests and a limited range of specialised tests and measurements using manual, semi-automated and fully automated techniques
  • define and solve problems of limited complexity where the information available is less obvious, but not contradictory, and can be determined by direct reasoning
  • work under the direction and regular supervision of senior technical staff, laboratory or quality managers, or scientific/medical personnel.  The work of technical assistants is normally subject to frequent progress and quality checks
  • generally work in a team and may have responsibility for their own work outputs.

Careers in Laboratory

Examples of the work of laboratory technicians:

  • A technical assistant who works in a mineral preparation plant receives and logs incoming ore samples and operates handling equipment to move samples to treatment points. In the laboratory, the assistant conducts routine chemical and physical tests and redirects other sub-samples for specialised analyses.
  • A technician who works for an environmental consulting company conducts field sampling and testing and operates/maintains several remote sensing sites.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Qualifications with specialisations

Please note  –  All qualifications are able to be customised since particular combinations of elective units can be selected to suit individual candidate needs and the industry sector, and in some cases prerequisite units may need to be completed.  For more advice contact  FS Alliance or go to :  https://training.gov.au/Search