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AMPSS00001 - Animal Welfare Officer Skill Set

This skill set is for the Animal Welfare Officer is a company employee who manages the company's animal welfare team and therefore is able to:
  • understand and articulate the regulatory and technical issues associated with animal welfare
  • represent the company with regard to the approach taken to address animal welfare issues
  • influence company policies, procedures, training regimes, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Quality Assurance (QA) documentation as they relate to procedures impacting on animal welfare
  • review, as part of their duties, the results of the routine monitoring of procedures impacting on animal welfare
  • review the results of internal and external audits to assess the performance of the company in relation to animal welfare
  • oversee the implementation of corrective actions and preventative measures
  • monitor the effectiveness of corrective actions and preventative measures
  • implement animal welfare assessment criteria and perform an abattoir animal welfare assessment
  • recognise operative training needs and implement training for animal handlers
Course Outcome:
Statement of Attainment for:
  • AMPLSK201 Apply animal welfare and handling requirements
  • AMPLSK401 Oversee humane handling of animals
Entry Requirements:
Participants should already be employed within the abattoir sector.

Resources Required:
It is recommended that you have access to a reliable Internet connection to access FS Alliances online learning system aXcelerate, and a computer or device with up-to-date software, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
You are responsible for meeting the minimum occupational health and safety requirements in practical assessments. This includes having access to and wearing appropriate attire including workplace specific PPE, appropriate clothing, safety footwear as per the workplace policy. More details will be provided after enrolment or during induction.

2 Days

Fee for Service - $750
Queensland Government Certificate 3 Guarantee –Student contribution fees* of $245 - Note eligibility criteria needs to be met to receive funding. Refer to www.fsalliance.edu.au for further details, including any tuition fee exemptions that may apply and the eligibility criteria.  

Enrolments are taken all year.

Applicants accepted Australia Wide.

Study Mode:
  • Workplace – face to Face
  • Blended (Face-to-Face and Online using aXcelerate)
Assessment Method:
Assessment will be conducted via a number of different assessments, for example, written assessment (Quiz), workplace observation, and verification by supervisor/employer.

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