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Core Business

Training, mentoring and consulting with the Meat, Food and Laboratory industries.


To provide and maintain the highest possible standards of service to the satisfaction of our clients.

Capability Statement

Food Safety Operations (QLD) Pty Limited (FSOQ) Trading as FS Alliance (RTO ID: 30814), is a privately owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering Nationally Accredited training throughout Queensland and Northern Territory and also registered to deliver in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, ACT and Tasmania.

FS Alliance also delivers training and assessment in overseas locations and has three registered MINTRAC Overseas Skilled Meat Worker Assessors on staff.

FS Alliance is a dominant provider of quality training / consulting services to the Meat, Food and Laboratory industries within Australia and internationally.

Management and staff selection is based on the highest level of experience and expertise in our industries.

FS Alliance provides technical expertise at all levels through consultancy and project management services in the following areas:

  • Meat Retail ( Food Services and Retail Butcher)
  • Red meat  (beef, pork, sheep, goat and game)
  • Food Processing (food, poultry and vegetables)
  • Livestock (management and animal welfare)
  • Abattoirs (design, development and management)
  • Third Party Meat Inspection services in partnership with Eville & Jones Food Safety Operations
  • Laboratory Training and Services, streams in:
    • Chemistry or Environmental
    • Construction Materials Testing
    • Mineral Analysis
    • Microbiology
    • Schools / Education (Scientific Operations Officers)
    • General
    • Sugar

Key Personnel


Wayne Herrod and Michael Grogan

Operational Manager

Warwick Bricknell

Retail Meat Specialists

Stephen Hassett   ||   Warwick Bricknell || Owen Broadbent

Food Processing and Retail Meat Support

Darryl Steinhardt   ||   Ian Kenny   ||   Michael Grogan

Food Processing Specialist

Kim Jorgensen

Meat Processing and Abattoir Specialists

Kevin Bryan   ||    Darryl Steinhardt   ||   Ian Kenny

Wayne Herrod   ||   Michael Grogan   ||  Warwick Bricknell    ||   Wesley Herrod

Laboratory Specialists

Adrian Butler   ||   Alescia Nicholas


Geoff Morgan

Peter Thompson


Suzanne Rose

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Fay Mercieca

Administration Team

Karen McCarthy

Support Services

Rick Beasley