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Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) vary in size, scope, training approach and expertise.  Not all RTOs do the same training in the same way.  This Fact Sheet will confirm that in choosing FS Alliance you have chosen an RTO that understands and can respond to your business’s identified training needs.

  1. Does FS Alliance have experience working with businesses similar to yours?  Can they provide any testimonials of previous or current work?  Yes, we have and please ask if you require testimonials.
  2. Does FS Alliance employ or use trainers and assessors with current industry knowledge, qualifications and experience?  Yes, all FS Alliance trainers are industry professionals chosen for their ability to effectively pass on their skills and knowledge while maintaining industry currency.
  3. What will FS Alliance do to ensure their trainers and assessors have the required understanding of your business needs?  FS Alliance provide open and clear communication to all parties in the training partnership.  Our strength as an RTO is our dedication to great relationships and our ability to listen.
  4. Can the FS Alliance explain how its services will benefit your business or industry? Training and Assessment.  Yes, from improved productivity to meeting compliance to improved confidence levels of the trainees.  FS Alliance ensures that the trainee, the company and all relevant stakeholders receive the valuable training service they deserve.
  5. Can FS Alliance deliver tailored training and assessment responding to your business’s specific needs?  Yes, in the negotiation and development of the training plan the company and trainee will be formally consulted to identify specific training needs.
  6. Will FS Alliance include relevant and experienced staff from your organisation in the training and assessment?  Yes, supervisors or relevant experienced people from your organisation will need to be identified by you and will be utilised as necessary for on-the-job support and will be required to confirm an individual’s consistency of performance over time and will be required to complete a report on an individual’s performance and progress.
  7. Will FS Alliance assess your staff’s prior learning and experiences to determine if they already have competency in particular skills and knowledge (Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL)?  Yes, FS Alliance pride itself on our ability to be flexible.  At the start of the training, candidates will be assessed for language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) and will have the opportunity to identify any previous training and experience that they may have, to provide an opportunity for Credit Transfer (CT) or RPL.
  8. Does FS Alliance offer flexible training delivery, e.g. at your workplace, offsite, at their premises, face to face training sessions?  Yes, FS Alliance offer all of these options and is working on introducing online learning options in the very near future.
  9. Will FS Alliance provide training and assessment when you need it, e.g. during business hours, during shifts, in the evenings, or on weekends?  Yes, FS Alliance will work with you to ensure negative impacts on productivity are reduced.
  10. Can FS Alliance respond to the individual needs of your staff, e.g. language, literacy and numeracy?  Yes, all FS Alliance trainers will provide LLN support as necessary.  Extra support can be provided if required.
  11. Is FS Alliance able to respond to ongoing feedback on their training and assessment?  Yes, at FS Alliance our relationships, flexibility and responsiveness are our strengths.
  12. Will FS Alliance adapt their resources and programs to meet your business-specific needs?  Yes, FS Alliance believe that each training partnership is individual and requires adaptability to the company and trainee needs.
  13. What is the total cost of the training, including any additional fees on top of tuition fees?  FS Alliance will ensure that all costs and fees will be clearly identified to all relevant parties before any training activities are commenced.
  14. What is the refund policy?  FS Alliance’s refund policy is available online at our website and can be found in the student and employer handbook provided at the commencement of the training.
  15. Can FS Alliance access or suggest sources of government or other funding for training?  Yes, FS Alliance has access to government/industry funding in some cases and will ensure that the relevant funding will be identified and utilised as per the relevant government policies.
  16. Will your staff gain a nationally recognised qualification or skill set at the end of the training?  FS Alliance will identify as required if the training provided is nationally recognised and therefore under the AQF, or if it is not nationally recognised training as in some short courses.  Most of the training FS Alliance provide is nationally recognised and therefore may provide credit to higher-level courses.
  17. Will FS Alliance work with you to evaluate the training and assessment for continuous improvement?  Yes, FS Alliance is proactive in evaluating our training activities to ensure we are continuously improving our service.