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FBP20122 - Certificate II in Food Processing

Aimed At:

This qualification covers work activities undertaken by workers who work in operational roles, under supervision, in a food processing environment. At this level, workers have the technical skills to use a limited range of machinery and/or equipment to process food and carry out routine tasks guided by established procedures.
The FBP20122 Certificate II in Food Processing is a highly flexible qualification enabling selections to be made from a wide range of units.
Graduates from this qualification will be able to:
  • access, record and act on a defined range of information from a range of sources
  • apply and communicate known solutions to a limited range of predictable problems
  • use a limited range of equipment to complete tasks involving known routines and procedures with a limited range of options.
Pathways & Opportunities:
This qualification is aimed at new workers. The Certificate II qualification reflects the role of individuals who undertake mainly routine work. Generally, Certificate II is used as an induction into the industry and is aligned to operator, production and assistant roles. It is also a pathway to further learning.

Course Outcome:
FBP20122 Certificate II in Food Processing

Entry Requirements:
Participants should already be employed within the food processing industry.

Resources Required:
It is recommended that you have access to a reliable Internet connection to access FS Alliances online learning system aXcelerate, and a computer or device with up-to-date software, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
You are responsible for meeting the minimum occupational health and safety requirements in practical assessments. This includes having access to and wearing appropriate attire including workplace specific PPE, appropriate clothing, safety footwear as per the workplace policy. More details will be provided after enrolment or during induction.

Up to 12 Months

Assessment Method:
Assessment will be conducted via a number of different assessments, for example, written assessment, workplace observation, and verification by supervisor/employer.

Fee for Service - $3,500

Enrolments are taken all year.

Applicants accepted Australia Wide.

Study Mode:
  • Workplace – face to Face
  • Work in industry
  • Blended (Face-to-Face and Online using aXcelerate)
Credit Transfer:
We can assess your skills, directly apply credits from previous successful study, and give you advanced standing in your course.

Requirements for Completion of the Qualification
The following provides the packaging rules for this qualification, followed by the list of relevant units of competency.
To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in:
  • 13 units of competency:
  • 4 core units plus
  • 9 elective units.
The electives are to be chosen as follows:
  • at least 5 units from Group A
  • up to 3 units from Group B
  • up to 3 units from any currently endorsed Training Package or accredited course. Elective units must ensure the integrity of the qualifcation’s Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.
For Unit selections - FBP20122 Course Flyer - Click Here

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